Frame gripper - internal grip without load
Frame gripper - internal grip with load
Frame gripper - external grip without load
Frame gripper - external grip with load
Frame gripper - retracted

Frame gripper

The gripping members of the frame gripper engage, form-locked, the internal or external surfaces of the object. The interchangeable gripping jaws are outwardly extendable, allowing objects of different sizes and shapes to be lifted quickly and safely with the same device. The product is especially suitable for use in spaces with restricted headroom. The frame gripper brings savings in procurement and production costs, as well as in work time.

NOTE. The product is an example of our custom-built products. Hefmec tailors every lifting attachment for the customer’s specific needs.

Product description

The frame grippers have numerous lifting points, enabling the safe and secure form-locked grip on objects of different sizes, for example on the internal surface of a round object. The quick-clamping feature of the lifting arms (allow them to be changed, whereby lifts can be made on different objects, also by gripping the outer surface of the object. The outwardly extendable arms also enable different-sized objects to be lifted with the same device. The frame gripper is especially suitable for use in spaces where headroom presents a challenge to lifting. If height is not a restricting factor, lifting grabs are an alternative solution. Frame grippers present savings in procurement and production costs, and in work time.

About Ordering

Contact our Product Manager Petja Lindström for a lifting attachment designed and tailored to your specific needs.

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