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Our largest customer group is the export industry, with deliveries relating to mechanical engineering, machine automation, food and pharmaceuticals.


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We commissioned Hefmec consultants to make an analysis of improvement requirements for a confectionery wrapping line. During the project they monitored the production line activity, clarified the changes needed and the order of priority for repair investments. We then started making improvements to the production line on the basis of that survey. Hefmec has also been involved in further projects and they have supplied for example a machine vision system on the turnkey basis. We were impressed by the practical approach of Hefmec consultants and their way of analysing data during the commission.

Jani Suominen
Manufacturing Director, Fazer

Our mass products often have to be transported over long distances from our plant to the customer. Hefmec has designed transport equipment for our products and specified the appropriate bindings for road, sea and air cargo. Hefmec made the strength calculations to ensure that our transport fulfills the legal requirements. We have been extremely satisfied with the engineering design service and strength calculation knowledge that we have received.

Jaana Poutanen
HSE Specialist, ABB

Our task was to construct welding and assembly lines for our new car models on a very quick timescale. Hefmec project managers and project engineers coordinated e.g. the design, subcontracting, assembly and commissioning work. We were able to start production in record time. We were impressed by the skills and attitude of Hefmec's personnel, and we will continue cooperation also in our future projects.

Timo Karhu
Projektipäällikkö, Valmet Automotive

We commissioned Hefmec to design and supply a portal robot cell for the automatic testing of valve assembly units. This was a turnkey delivery, whereby as the client, we were involved in test runs and start up. The new system allows us to automatically test new product series, for example, and gives us the possibility for test prioritisation. These changes have improved the flexibility of our production. The cell has been very reliable and we are happy with the delivery and with the user suppport we have received from Hefmec.

Petteri Hämäläinen, Plant Manager
HSE Specialist, Metso Automation

Hefmec has made careful monitoring of our pharmaceutical packing plant. We have made numerous improvements to our lines, and at the same time have been able to optimise running speeds, on the basis of the observations and suggestions from Hefmec's consultants. One example is that we have made new production records in the inhalation production filling line. This would not have been possible without close, coherent cooperation. We have been satisfied with the long cooperation project.

Juha Paasi
Käyttöpäällikkö, Orion

We began cooperation with Hefmec in 2017. Hefmec's designers have provided service on many levels by converting drafts into 3D models and manufacturing drawings. Hefmec has proven to be a skillful and flexible cooperation partner.

Arto Huotari
Manager, Systems Development, Marioff

We have long been cooperating with Hefmec concerning industrial technology and work safety. Hefmec has designed a large amount of production equipment and lifting attachments for us. The designs and products supplied have been practical and safe. Among other things, Hefmec has made the necessary strength calculations and documents required for CE marking. Well-designed equipment serves to underpin the expansion of ABB's business worldwide.

Mikko Juusti
Purchacer, ABB Tahtikoneet

Hefmec made a preliminary design project for us to define the welding processes in the manufacture of the body of an entire golf cart. They also supplied us with the welding jigs as a follow-up project. The project began with a preliminary design and led to the project delivery. Through close cooperation with Hefmec and product design we were able to design a most manufacturing-friendly product.

Ismo Lehtinen
Project Manager, Valmet Automotive

We supply industrial gas purification systems. We outsourced to Hefmec the technical design and coordination of project deliveries of CO2 and other gas purification systems. Hefmec's design and project management skills, and the consultants' approach, are second to none.

Pekka Savonen
CEO, Vonen


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