Collar type gripper - open without load
Collar type gripper - with load
Collar type gripper - partially rotated load
Collar type gripper - fully rotated load
Collar type gripper - closed without load

Collar type grippers

Collar type grippers allow the workpiece to be lifted and turned quickly and safely, with one fastening step. The collar type grip enables the workpiece to be fastened while being lifted, for example onto the machining centre. The interchangeable collars and adjustable frame allow the lifting of numerous different workpieces. This product brings savings in procurement, worktime and production costs.

NOTE. The product is an example of our custom-built products. Hefmec tailors every lifting attachment for the customer’s specific needs.

Product description

With the collar type gripper, the workpiece is gripped – form-locked, or with the aid of friction. The interchangeable collars, adjustable base frame and self-locking reduction gear allow the collar type gripper to lift and turn numerous pieces of different-size and forms, including workpieces having an excentric centre of mass. Most typical of such workpieces are large cylindrical objects or barrels.

The object can be turned steplessly while lifted, being secured by the gripper the whole time. Stepless turning enables work stages such as discharge of contents to be carried out during the lift. After turning, the object can be positioned for the next work step, for example on the machining centre. The lifting attachment can then be detached.

The benefit of the collar type gripper is that it allows the safe, stepless lifting and turning of the object with one fastening step. While lifted, the object can be fixed, or it can be lowered, for example temporarily for maintenance purposes. Interchangeable collars of different sizes can be supplied with the lifting attachment, whereby the same base can be used for lifting various objects. Collar type grippers bring savings in procurement and production costs, and in worktime.

About Ordering

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