Fixed work platform - front view
Fixed work platform - back view

Fixed work platforms

Fixed work platforms provide continuous, safe movement in the factory environment, as well as access, also to difficult places. Fixed platforms are installed permanently in the workspace, taking into account the current and planned structures, machinery, and their serviceability. The benefits of a fixed work platform can be seen in the smooth execution of repetitive work tasks.    

NOTE. The product is an example of our custom-built products. Hefmec tailors every product for the customer’s specific needs.

Product description

Fixed work platforms are designed with consideration to the other structures and machinery in the space, and their serviceability. Fixed work platforms can be designed to comprehensively serve the whole factory environment, or an individual area. Materials and surface treatments are selected with the requirements of the application in mind. Design is carried out in accordance with Safety of machinery standards.

Work platforms installed in a fixed location enable continuous, safe movement in the factory environment, as well as access to difficult places. The advantage of a fixed platform is that repetitive tasks can be performed continuously. A movable work platform is an alternative solution in spaces that prevent the installation of a fixed platform.

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