Automotive and transport equipment industry

Work methods, tools and instruments

Hefmec’s deigners have developed hundreds of work methods, tools and equipment for the automotive and transport equipment industry. Our customer base includes a number of international companies in industries such as manufacture or assembly of transport equipment. We have also been involved in dozens of schedule-critical projects, supporting our customers from equipment specification to organisation of subcontracting through to commissioning.


Welding Jig

Our customer needed to be able to weld an awkwardly shaped plate assembly. The welding had to be done at many work stations and the geometric requirements of the product were extremely strict. The movable welding jig designed by Hefmec improved production leadtime and quality level. The plates to be welded can now be positioned quickly and accurately. Our designers also oversaw manufacture and supervised the welders on site.

Our Expertise

 automotive and transport equipment industry knowhow at your disposal.

Work methods

Concept design, layout design, work safety and ergonomics.

Tools and equipment

Mechanical design, machine and equipment design, FEM calculations and CE marking.

Productivity enchancement

Production process development and automation.

Project services

Coordination between project engineer, project manager and subcontractor.



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